Doctor Nicola Keay BA, MA , MB, BChir (Cantab), MRCP


Hormone Health Expert

As Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Medicine at University College London and previously Research Fellow in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Durham University, I conduct clinical research in sports/dance endocrinology, resulting a range of research publications and awards. I am a member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine and the British Menopause Society. I am a speaker on Dance Endocrinology for National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science and International Association of Dance Medicine and Science. I am the author of  “Hormones, Health and Human Potential: A guide to understanding your hormones to optimise your health and performance”. I provided the medical concept and input in the application of AI technologies to modelling female hormones and was selected for the long list for women in Health Tech 2022 I am available for advisory appointments in field of exercise endocrinology.

I was awarded a BA in Medical Tripos and medical qualifications MB, BChir from Cambridge University. After passing post graduate medical examinations to become a Member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP), I gained extensive clinical and research experience in Endocrinology and Sport/Dance and Exercise Medicine involving elite athletes, professional ballet dancers and young aspiring athletes. As a Research Fellow at St Thomas’ Hospital I was part of the international medical team working to develop a test to detect athletes doping with growth hormone, supported by the International Olympic Committee. My other research studies investigated the effects of training and nutrition on the Endocrine system, body composition and bone mineral density, supported by medical research awards. These various research projects led to a number of publications and awards. With medical scholarships my Sport/Dance and Exercise Medicine attachments have included North Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre Melbourne, Australian Institute of Sport, Faculty of Medicine, Discipline Human Physiology, University Newcastle NSW and Department of Paediatrics, Division of Growth and Reproduction, University of Geneva. 

Having developed rheumatoid arthritis, I could no longer continue in full time hospital medicine in Endocrinology. However this gave me the opportunity to reflect on and investigate a more integrated and personalised approach to optimising health and fitness. At the invitation of the Editor of the British Journal of Sport Medicine and President of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine I write regular blogs on Sport Endocrinology: the reciprocal network interactions of the Endocrine system, exercise, nutrition, health and fitness. I wrote the BASEM educational online resource for RED-S Health4Performance. I deliver presentations on various aspects of Sport and Exercise Medicine to all age groups. I chaired the annual BASEM spring conference addressing the Endocrine and Metabolic aspects of Sports and Exercise Medicine: Health, Hormones and Human Performance

I am an experienced ballet dancer, choreographer and teacher. Having passed all RAD grades and major executant exams, I am a full member of the Royal Academy of Dance. Whilst a member of the Medical Advisory Committee of Dance UK, I was a key contributor to publications such as “Your Body Your Risk” and “Fit to Dance?” I have a background in competitive swimming, gymnastics and tennis, together with recreational cycling and windsurfing. I have personal experience of RED-S.

I built further my interest in sport physiology, training methods and injuries as my sons developed into high level athletes. Realising that Pilates can be useful for improving health and fitness and providing an important role in optimising sport performance, I qualified as a Pilates Foundation teacher.

My aim is to redefine optimal health and fitness for the individual. My approach integrates all aspects of my professional clinical experience with my medical research expertise in Endocrinology and Sport, Dance and Exercise Medicine.

I work closely with professional organisations involved in all aspects of Sports and Exercise Medicine, Dance Medicine and those professionals involved in health and performance Science4Performance, coaches, Nathan Carter physiotherapist, Renee McGregor Performance and Eating Disorder Specialist Dietitian



Interview with BASEM Today Issue 41 – Winter 2017

Introducing the Chair of the BASEM Spring Conference 2018