I offer presentation/workshops and webinars on a variety of topics. Here are some previous and forthcoming presentations.

“Hormones, Health and Human Performance” book launch following publication 28/10/22 Pre-order here


Female High Performance Athletes

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Online Courses for coaches, athletes and parents. Coach course endorsed by BASEM with certification on completion

Personalising Female Hormonal Health. Podcast with Hello Inside

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Research at UCL Call for female exercisers to participate in study. Online questionnaire, free hormone report for first 30 responders Link to online questionnaire

British Menopause Society conference 30 June-1 July 2022 Presenting abstract on “Personalisng Female Hormone Health”

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MediWales Connect Conference. 29 June 2022 Presenting “Female Hormone Health”

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Discussing RED-S at this free event

Link to attend virtually

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Podcast about female football payers, hormones and RED-S

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Dissesting Aerial 2022 Symposium 

Harnessing hormones: menopause and beyondFD140797-38F1-4C9E-849D-2FE1ACEAD28C_4_5005_c

Rapha Cycling London. Health and Performance for masters cyclists

Lattice training podcast: peri menopause and menopause

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Women Who Fight podcast. Discussion of hormones, health and performance. With special focus on female hormones and perimenopause

Barça Conference 2021 

Presenting on Female Hormone Profiles (8/11/21) and (Female Hormones 10/11/21)


ManU Conference: Female Hormones, Health and Athletic Performance 


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Looking forward to presenting at this conference on hormones, nutrition, exercise and health

16-19 October 2021Screenshot 2021-08-15 at 16.00.31

International Association for Dance and Medicine Science

Looking forward to present 2 pieces of research

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Here recording of Q&A
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Podcast: Female Athlete. Hormones, nutrition, health and performance


Period Power – the Fifth Vital Sign

Organised by Women in Defence. Free Event 17/6/21 12-14:30

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Female Athlete Conference June 2021 Boston US

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Sports Medicine & Clinical Care | Optimising the Health and Performance of Female Dancers: What are the challenges? Clinical Care
Nicky Keay, BA, MB, BChir, MA (Cantab), MRCP


Hormones are Indicators of Health and Performance 

Discussion with Jazzy Cook and with medical and dance colleague from AusDancers Overseas

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Low Energy Availability in Athletes and Exercisers

In conversation with Gemma Sampson, Registered Sport Dietician

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Podcast on Female Hormones and Menopause and Exercise


Second on top 10 podcasts for 2020: The Physical Performance Show: Dr Nicky Keay: Sports & Dance Endocrinologist, Hormone Health & Performance Part 2

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Dance Well Podcast: Hormone Health

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Female Athletes: Hormones, Energy Availability and the Menstrual Cycle Sigma Nutrition podcast

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Another opportunity to join webinar for Masters Athletes as previous webinar sold out Friday 4 December @6pm

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The Performance Nutrition Podcast

Discussing RED-S dancers and athletes November 2020

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Ausdancers Overseas webinar Saturday 21 November

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Podcast The Physical Performance Show. November 2020

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Full details of this webinar October 14 2020 Recorded version available and CPD. Exploring Dancer health and performance with focus on recent and current research on energy availability, RED-S, hormones, including menstrual function in female dancers

Dance Webinar

England Athletics Webinar on Masters Athletes for male and female athletes and coaches Friday 27 November @6pm

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England Athletics. Webinar on RED-S for male and female athletes and coaches. October 2020

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BJSM podcast Part 1

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BJSM podcast Part 2

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Course for coaches working with female athletes Sport Ready Academy endorsed by British Association Sport and Exercise Medicine

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Podcast discussing menstrual cycle and exercise Woman’s Health podcast

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198: Expert Edition: Dr Nicky Keay, ‘RED-S, Hormones health & performance’  Podcast with Brad Beer The Physical Performance Show

Henpicked webinar on Menopause, COVID-19 and hormones June 2020

Women in Sport and Exercise Academic Network (WISEAN) podcasts April 2020

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Managing the Impact of Menstrual Cycle on Women Athlete’s Risk of Injury and Performance. Webinar 25/3/20

Raising Awareness of RED-S Edinburgh University Weds 15 January 

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Welsh SEM Conference 25/01/20 Presenting on RED-S

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RED-S discussion for climbers and other sports and dance 18/01/20

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BASEM Conference presenting research findings from study on male cyclists. BASEM research bursary Friday 22 November 2019 BASEM conference

BASES Conference on “Multi-disciplinary approach to supporting athletes and exercisers with relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S)” Weds 20 November 2019 BASES

KCL SEM Society 16/11/19 at Guy’s Hospital Presenting on RED-S           Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 21.12.52

Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine KCL 14/11/19 .     Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 21.19.55

Fortius International Conference: presenting on Bone Health in Cyclists Weds 6 November 2019, LondonFortius conference

Barca Sports Nutrition Conference October 2019


Game Changer Sports Institute Northern Ireland 1 October 2019 

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TrainBrave Event Sunday 29 September, Bath.  Full details here

Optimising Health and Performance, Durham University, Palatine Centre Law School, PCL054, Wednesday 8 May 2019


Free educational workshop for Durham University students and staff, athletes, dancers, coaches, researchers and healthcare professionals. All welcome to this event to find out how to optimise your health and performance based on research at Durham University. Approved for international education by British Journal of Sports Medicine and supported by TrainBrave campaign Eventbrite sign up


Eating Disorders in Competitive Sport, Wills memorial Building, Bristol University May 2019Bristol.png

Optimising Health and Performance Science in Dance May 2019


Bare Bones of Cyclists Podcast with Fuel the Pedal April 2019

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Manchester Institute of Health and Performance. All about RED-S 13 May 2019 Eventbrite sign up

Barca football club, Barcelona 6 May 2019 “Hormones, Health and Performance”

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 16.39.05Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 16.41.08

Fischer Building, St John’s College, Cambridge Sunday 10 February 2-5pm 2019. Discussion of RED-S. All welcome. Clinical considerations and practical approaches for all athletes, dancers, medics and NatSc students. Eventbrite sign up

In discussion about low energy availability and RED-S with Dr Nigel Callender. Particularly relevant for climbers with inclusion of this sport in the next Olympics 2018


Train Brave 9/12/18 BBC News and BBC 5 Live

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Metabolic Bone Unit. RED-S presentaton Friday 7 December

BDA Sports Nutrition Conference 9/11/18 Presenting on MDT clinical approach to supporting exercisers/athletes/dancers with RED-S

International Association for Dance Medicine and Science. Annual Conference Helsinki 27 October 2018 Presenting on Dance Endocrinology

OD Listed expert speaker on the Healthier Dancer endorsed speaker and Healthcare Professional list at One Dance. Top healthcare professional for dancers nominated by National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science August 2018

Healthier Dancer networking event September 2018

Podcast on RED-S: identification and management with Nourish, Balance, Thrive

London Region Swimming Masters Development Day August 2018

Women in Sport and Exercise Conference 2018 Female Athlete Endocrinology


BASEM annual conference 22/3/18: Health, Hormones and Human Performance


Chair of conference Video of presentation

Cardiff Sports & Exercise Medicine Society January 2018


UCL talk on Sports Endocrinology and Lifestyle Medicine 2017

English Institute of Sport: National meeting of Sport and Exercise Medicine doctors 2017

Presentation to Sport and Exercise Medicine doctors, Institute of Sport and Exercise Health, London 2017

Sports Endocrinology talk, Pure Sport Medicine, London 2017

Teaching module on RED-S for BASEM as CPD for Sports Physicians 2016

How to Optimise Health and Fitness for Young People (various locations)

Society of Endocrinology, London

National Osteoporosis Society (Young Investigator Award), Bath, UK

Medical Research Society, Exercise and the Skeleton, London

International Olympic Committee, International Congress, Monaco

Dance UK Conference

Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre, Melbourne, Australia

London Institute of Sports Medicine, Royal Society of Medicine

Medical Society of London, British Medical Association, Hunterian Society

Dept Gynaecology, St Bartholomew’s Hospital – Endocrine aspects

British Olympic Medical Association, Northwick Park Hospital, London

BBC Radio 4. BBC news, Channel One and NBC television


How to optimise health, fitness and sports performance for young people

Young adulthood is a crucial time when both bodies and minds are changing. This is also a window of opportunity for young people to make informed choices in order to optimise health and fitness and set themselves up for a healthy adult life.

Whether the aim is simply to be healthy, or to optimise sporting performance, this workshop will discuss how to achieve this.

I am a medical doctor with extensive clinical and research experience in Endocrinology and Sport and Exercise Medicine. Having conducted various research projects on the effects of training on developing athletes and with personal experience as mother of two boys involved in high level sport, I draw on this background to make workshops relevant and fact based. So these workshops are open to the whole family team: young people, parents and friends.

Previous workshops: Precision Pilates, Barnes Swimming Club St Paul’s School, Hillingdon Slipstreamers

Planned workshops: Junior riders at London Dynamos. Collaboration with sports development organisations. Workshop Flyer

Please contact me to arrange a bespoke workshop on any aspect of health, fitness, sports performance. Full details of workshops and classes.

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