Sports and Dance Endocrinology


I am a medical doctor with 20 years extensive clinical and research experience in Sports Endocrinology. This is an important area of Sport, Dance and Exercise Medicine.

My aim is to support your health and fitness by using my expertise to consider the vital role of the Endocrine system. I have full registration GMC with licence to practice and medical indemnity. I am listed on the One Dance healthcare professional listing. I was nominated top healthcare professional for dancers by National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science August 2018

I produced the Health4Performance educational website to optimise health and performance for athletes and dancers

I chaired BASEM annual spring conference Which was awarded CPD from FSEM, RCP, BASES, REP-S and endorsed for international education by BJSM and NIDMS. I am leading development of an open access online educational resource on RED-S for athletes/dancers, coaches/teachers, parents and healthcare professionals backed by BASEM.

Health, Hormones and Human Performance BASEM annual conference 

The Endocrine system produces an array of hormones which have effects on a vast range of tissue types, organs and therefore regulate the full range metabolic and physiological processes occurring in systems throughout the body. Complex dynamics are involved in the both the control systems and interactive network effects of the Endocrine system. Endocrine response to exercise mediates adaptive changes to improve athletic performance. Conversely impaired Endocrine response can result in underperformance and recurrent injury.

I offer an advisory service on Endocrine issues for dancers and athletes of all ages and levels. Cost for 1 hour initial advisory appointment £80. Follow up appointment £50.

Doctor Nicola Keay BA, MA (Cantab), MB, BChir, MRCP

British Journal of Sport Medicine: Sport Endocrinology