Optimising Your Health, Fitness and Athletic Performance

Exercise Endocrinologist

Sport and Dance Endocrinology

Whether you wish to improve general health and fitness, improve athletic performance, prevent injury, rehabilitate after injury or illness, enjoy the challenge of learning or refreshing an artistic skill, whatever your age, my aim is to help you achieve your goals by bringing together my areas of expertise.

I offer advice on Exercise Endocrinology in private setting for individuals and teams of athletes and dancers. I wrote the Health4Performance British Association Sport and Exercise Medicine educational resource and conduct clinical research in sports/dance endocrinology, which have resulted a range of research publications and awards. I write regular reviews. I present at conferences giving presentations relating to Sports/Dance and Exercise Medicine. I also offer Pilates and Ballet classes. All of which are tailored to your specific requirements.

Dr. Nicky Keay
BA, MA, MB, BChir (Cantab), MRCP

Honorary Clinical Lecturer, Division of Medicine, University College London

Honorary Fellow, Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Durham University

Member British Association Sport and Exercise Medicine. National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science. Chief Medical Officer Forth Edge


“It’s been difficult for me to believe eating more over time will result in greater energy without weight gain. If my experience of it working helps others do it then that would be great! I have been doing what you recommend this year and slowly increasing my energy intake and upping CHO. At times it’s been a nightmare with the anxiety of not wanting to gain fat. However the results seem to be more energy, better power (and power/weight) and better wellbeing overall. Managed my best season to date on the back of it as well! Just wanted to share my experience of how taking your advice has helped me out. Massive thanks!” UCI Continental Team Cyclist

“Coaches & athletes need a good team around them to ensure any problems outside the coaching arena can be sorted by a trusted professional. For this reason, I feel very reassured having Dr Nicky Keay in my corners, to speak to and send athletes to when it comes to things medical and more importantly energy deficiency” BTF L3 – High Performance Coach