Assessment of Echographic Technology in Measuring Bone Health in the Clinical Setting

For limited time, we are offering new, affordable specialised ultrasound scan to determine your bone health. 

Optimal health Part 1

How? Measuring bone health by ultrasound employing echographic technology does not involve ionising radiation (employed in current method of assessing bone health), so medical referral not required.

Who? Scans offered to those exercisers, athletes and dancers attending EN:SPIRE clinic. Self-referral also welcome from all those with an interest in their bone health, men and women, all ages.

Why? Optimising bone health lowers risk of bone injuries, including fracture.

What? Bone health is to a large extent determined by lifestyle factors such as exercise and nutrition, which is under your control to modify.

What else? Scan results will be explained and discussed.

Appropriate blood tests also available via Forth with analysis at UK accredited laboratory and medical interpretation for an additional cost.

Where? Pure Practice, 20 St James’s Parade, Bath BA1 1UL Few minutes walk from Bath Spa station

Ethical approval from Durham University (Dr Nicky Keay Research Fellow)

In collaboration with Pure Practice (Sonja Bass), EN:SPIRE (ReneeMcGregor) and Strength for Performance. Cost £65 for scan and medical explanation/discussion of results. This payable to Pure Practice on arrival

What next? To register interest and book an appointment please email lead researcher Dr Nicky Keay

This study is now competed and being prepared for submission for publication