Terms and Conditions for Female Hormone Mapping

The following Terms and Conditions for Female Hormone Mapping Advisory Appointments must be accepted by the client before an appointment is made with Nicky Keay Fitness. Female Hormone Mapping Advisory Appointments are available only to clients who have completed the Female Hormone Mapping service with Forth (HumandKind Ventures Ltd).


Advisory Service

Dr Nicky Keay is a fully qualified medical doctor, licensed to practise with the General Medical Council. The client agrees that Dr Keay provides an advisory service, and that the client remains under the care of his or her General Practitioner for medical guidance, in the first instance.


All appointments will be face to face discussions, taking place by video conference. Discussion, lasting up to 30 minutes, will include the following.

  • Detailed explanation of personal Female Hormone Mapping results and report
  • Answer questions arising from the report
  • Refinement of personalised advice on improving quality of life
  • Advice on further investigations, where clinically indicated


The client agrees that personal data arising from Female Hormone Mapping conducted by HumandKind Ventures Ltd may be viewed by Dr Nicky Keay. All personal data will be kept strictly confidential. No personal data will be shared with any third party without the prior consent of the client. Personal data will be stored in compliance with GDPR.



In order for an appointment to go ahead, payment must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment date.


If you wish to change or cancel your appointment, this must be agreed 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, otherwise a refund cannot be provided.